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Following English version movies at CINEMA OLIMPIA

THE BOOKSHOP - Thursday 23rd at 17:30

Director: Isabel Coixet                  .

Screenplay: Isabel Coixet based on the novel by Penelope Fitgerald.

Stars: Emily Mortimer,  Patricia Clarkson,  Bill Nighy,  Honor Kneafsey,  James Lance, Harvey Bennett,  Michael Fitzgerald,  Jorge Suquet,  Hunter Tremayne, Frances Barber,  Gary Piquer,  Lucy Tillett,  Nigel O'Neill,  Toby Gibson,  Charlotte Vega.

The Bookshop is a sumptuous cinematic adaptation which celebrates Bibliophilia itself. Based on Penelope Fitzgerald's celebrated novel of 1978, and set in a sleepy 1950's English town, The Bookshop tells the story of Florence Green's. Leaving grief and a dead husband in the past, Florence takes life into her own hands by opening a bookshop in Hardborough, a quiet Anglian town, and one sheltered from the social and sexual revolutions of the urban centres. Through the dissemination of classic contemporary works of fiction such as Nabokov's Lolita and Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, she stirs long buried feelings in the townsfolk. But her actions bring the wrath of the controlling, vengeful Violet Gamart, a local social doyenne who is jealously affronted by the changes our heroine has affected.